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Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd Go Topless on The View

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Talk about a view.

Taking their cues from Lena Dunham, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd went topless on The View on Monday in what they jokingly claimed was a ploy for ratings.

“You know Lena, she gets press every week for being naked,” Shepherd, 46, said after showing a clip from the latest episode of Girls. “So we’re jumping on the bandwagon.”

“It’s true,” said McCarthy, 41. ‘We want more ratings, too. Take a little time to enjoy our view!”

Lena Dunham
As the studio audience cheered, the cohosts had just a pair of black boxes covering themselves for TV. And Shepherd joked about that, too.

“Wait a minute,” she said to McCarthy. “Look at my box. Why is my big black box so much bigger than yours?”