Patrick Gomez
April 01, 2011 01:00 PM

After losing the reward challenge on The Biggest Loser and being exiled to a house in Ojai, Calif., to live, diet and exercise on their own, the Red Team lost the weigh-in and Jennifer Jacobs was sent home because she lost no weight.

The trainers balked at the Red Team’s decision to choose spa treatments over time with their trainer Brett but Jacobs truly believes she did everything in her power to lose weight while in Ojai.

“We had a lot of free-time on our hands but it was all spent [doing] some form of exercise,” Jacobs told reporters Wednesday. “We took Brett’s instructions over the phone and really did the homework he had given us.”

Jacobs attributes her lack of weigh-loss to “over training.”

“I was getting so small every week, it was getting harder and harder to lose weight,” she said. “My body was just not willing to give up any more weight that week.”

At the weigh-in, Jacobs’ teammate Courtney wished they had chosen to train with Brett, but Jacobs maintains their choices were a collaborative decision.

“If I had known Courtney was having that much anxiety I would have said in a moments notice, ‘Court, you’re right. Lets do this,’ ” Jacobs said.

Now at home in New Jersey, Jacobs, 28, is living above her gym, working out full-time, and “living every day with a new set of eyes.”

“Before I came to the Ranch I was waking up in the morning to pass the time through the day and get to the next one,” she confessed. “But I am so in the moment right now and enjoying my life.”

But she does not have to enjoy her new life alone. Since returning home Jacobs has started dating someone she met just before being cast on The Biggest Loser.

“He’s lost 90 lbs. himself and looks incredible,” she says of her new beau. “We’re really looking forward to having a relationship filled with a lot of first-time experiences together like scuba-diving, rock-climbing, or trying out surfing.”

With her slimmed down figure Jacobs also says she finally has the confidence to try her hand at professional singing.

“When you get up in front of millions of people and can take all your clothes off there is really no excuse for me to hide anymore,” says Jacobs who hopes to release up-beat, motivational music for people to work-out to.

“Nothing can stop me now from pursuing my dream,” she said. “I feel like I finally fit in instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.”

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