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February 18, 2014 11:00 AM

Beverly Hills, 90210 fans rejoiced when Jennie Garth recently announced plans to reunite with former costar Tori Spelling on the upcoming ABC Family comedy Mystery Girls. And that’s not all the actress, mom of three and newly minted memoirist has been up to.

Garth, 41, received the Campbell Soup Company’s Healthy Heart Award at the 11th annual Woman s Day Red Dress Awards (where former president Bill Clinton was also honored) on Tuesday. Prior to the ceremony, PEOPLE caught up with the actress to discuss her new series, favorite ’90s trends and Kelly Taylor’s most memorable 90210 episode.

Who are you most excited to see at the Red Dress Awards?
[Bill] Clinton. It’s funny because I went to meet him once when I was younger, like 20 years ago. We had an appointment to meet [the president] in the Oval Office. It was a big deal, and I was doing some charity with children and all the kids were there waiting. I was running late; I missed him. He flew away in the chopper to go somewhere important. I got to meet his cat though.

How’s it been working with Tori Spelling again on Mystery Girls?
I loved working with her then, and it’s the same now. We get along great, like sisters, and it’s nice to be around someone you know always has your back. We’re very protective of one another.

Will we see any other 90210 alums making an appearance on Mystery Girls?
I don’t know yet. We haven’t started filming or even writing for the season, but I know Tori and I would not be opposed to that; we would love it.

Beverly Hills, 90210 cast in 1991
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Did you see Ian Ziering in Sharknado?
I didn’t. I saw a clip of it, and I love the whole idea of a shark eating someone or falling on someone. I love it. Tori freaks out for that movie. I think I’ll watch Sharknado 2 though, for sure. I’m looking forward to it.

What was the silliest 90210 storyline?
I have to pick one? At the time, they felt so important and valuable. For me, definitely, it was when I had the lesbian stalker who fell in love with me and then kidnapped me, and she cut her hair to look like mine. I remember doing that scene and driving up the coast with her in a convertible. I had the short hairdo at the time and she had her hair short and said she was wearing a wig. It was just so ridiculous.

Who had the best hair on the show?
I always loved Shannen’s hair. She had beautiful thick, dark hair. Her hair today is still gorgeous. And it’s her [real] hair, which is extremely uncommon.

Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling on Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1991
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What was your favorite Kelly Taylor look on 90210?
I would have to say my favorite look was the first look, which was spandex bike shorts with polka-dotted tights under them. And then I had on blue scrunchy socks with patent-leather oxfords and a midriff shirt. Everything very tight. I remember crying that morning.

What’s one ’90s trend you’d like to bring back?
Those giant dresses with combat boots. And high gathered pants, with pleats in the front.

Now that your oldest daughter, Luca, is 16, does she watch 90210 reruns?
She’s watched all 10 seasons. She did that on a binge month. She totally understood it then and understood where I had come from and what had made me famous. And she was in love with Luke. And now being friends with Luke and having them together is always awkward because she looks at him like a crazy fan, because it’s “Dylan.”

What’s the funniest encounter you’ve had with a 90210 fan?
It would have to be the time I met a guy through a friend who knew every single detail about it. There are people who are experts, but this guy was crazy. He knew everything and he would not stop talking about it. To the point where other people were like, “Is he for real?” I enjoyed it because I don’t remember anything. I have a really bad memory, so he was taking me down memory lane.

What’s the best part about attending the Red Dress Awards?
Just being honored by Campbell’s to receive the Healthy Heart Award is significant to me in my fight to educate women about heart disease and the risks for American women. I don’t do it because I want to receive an award. But I think because of nights like this, more awareness is raised and more women are educated.

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