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Mariah Haas
May 17, 2015 06:35 PM

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki has canceled various public appearances due to exhaustion.

In a statement to Zap2it, the actor’s manager thanked fans for their support. “Jared wanted everyone to know he loves meeting his fans around the world and was very upset at having to cancel his trips to Rome and Australia,” the statement says.

“Jared has pushed himself to his limits and is suffering from exhaustion,” it continues. “His SPN family is so important to him, and he asks that they Always Keep Fighting. At this time he needs to be home with his family.”

The statement concludes: “He’s doing better already and is excited about shooting Supernatural Season 11 this July. For now he’s taking a break, but is so appreciative of his fans, and sees and feels their love and support.”

The revelation came after a series of concerning posts on social media. “I need all of the love I can get right now. Please please give me a few seconds of your time and write me. #AlwaysKeepFighting,” the actor Tweeted Friday.

“Dear #JIBCON and #AHBL6. I am in desperate and urgent need of my family. I am so sorry to tell you this but I must head home,” the 32-year-old wrote.

Padalecki – who opened up to Variety in March about being unhappy with his life at times – has a charity campaign, “Always Keep Fighting.”

The actor’s T-shirt campaign helped raise funds for To Write Love on Her Arms, a nonprofit organization that aims to help those struggling with depression, addiction and suicidal ideation.

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Most recently, Padalecki and costar Jensen Ackles have teamed up and set up a “junior foundation” to support a variety of similar causes that help those suffering from mental illness and mood disorders.

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