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September 24, 2007 12:00 AM

Jane Seymour, 56, and Marie Osmond, 46, already have quite a fan base of Dancing with the Stars viewers who are rooting for the more, ahem, mature women to boogie their way into the finals. But Seymour revealed yet another reason to cheer her on when she stopped by Ellen on Monday: her mom.

“I was really, really sad, because my mom had a stroke, and she’s in a nursing home, and she can’t talk anymore and she can’t move,” Seymour told the talk-show host. “I’d been asked to do (the show) and I mentioned it to her over the phone… and my mother started trying to talk. She went, ‘Wuhwuhwuhwuhwuh,’ she got so excited. So then I said, ‘Well, Mommy, I’m going to do it for you, and I hope you’ll be proud.’ And she said the first word she’s ever said (since the stroke). She said, ‘Yes!’ And we were all in shock. So I’m doing it for her. And they’re going to show it in England two days after we do it here, so she’ll actually be able to see it.”

Being the oldest of the female stars, Seymour was also asked how her age will factor into the competition. The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star, who’d planned to be a ballerina until she suffered a career-ending injury at 16, said she’s brushing off the pain with lots of baths and massages.

“This is the time to do the things you enjoy in life. This is giving me absolute joy,” Seymour said. “I’m dancing everywhere … of course then I’m crippled as well, and I’ve got the bath salts out. I’m taking a lot of baths, and I need a lot of massages. But I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life.”

Watch as Seymour and her DWTS partner Tony Dovolani, who called Seymour’s performances “amazing,” give Ellen viewers a sneak peek of their act.

Prediction: She’s definitely a contender. –Kimberly Potts

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