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Jane Finds Solace on the Dancing Set

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Photo: Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic

Jane Seymour says that when she heard about her mother’s death, she “completely fell apart”–but turned to her Dancing with the Stars colleagues for support.

“I was crying uncontrollably and everyone around me at Dancing with the Stars couldn’t have been kinder,” she writes on her blog. “They were hugging and holding me and handing me tissues.”

Marie Osmond was holding me and saying she’d do anything to help me. Wayne Newton couldn’t have been sweeter, absolutely everyone (was supportive),” writes Seymour, 56. “It’s like being in a giant family. It’s as if I’ve known these all my life.” Her mother, Mieke Frankenberg, died at age 92 on Oct. 1 in England due to complications from a stroke she had suffered earlier this year.

“I went home and cried a whole lot more and then went into a trance like state where I didn’t know what I was supposed to do,” she writes. “(My husband) James told me not to worry, he was going to handle everything, and he did. He figured out flights so we could go to London, he helped (dance partner) Tony get a visa.”

With just days before her next Dancing appearance, Seymour had to continue practicing for the tango challenge.

“The whole thing was done in fast forward so that I would be able to attend my mom’s funeral,” she says. “Tony, bless him, took me off the airplane straight into a dance studio in London. He did everything he could to get a tango into me in two and half days. He had the patience of a saint and at the same time he was really strict with me and made sure that I focused on what I was doing then. He was making me focus on the dance, rather than focusing on anything else. I realized that I needed to do this.”

After reuniting with family the night before the funeral, Seymour attended the service Saturday morning.

“I couldn’t believe how many showed up,” she writes. “It was the most beautiful service I’ve ever experienced in my life. It was just beautiful. It was seamless. It was not a mourning experience, it was more a celebration of Mieke’s life.”

Returning to the set of Dancing reminded Seymour of her original reason for competing in the dance competition. “I did this competition because of my mother, I did this in her honor,” she writes. “I realized that I made the commitment to dance for her.” –Charlotte Triggs

Photo: Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic