Art Strieber/Fuse
Tim Nudd and Michele Stueven
September 17, 2013 09:10 AM

While doing his best to strut his stuff on Dancing With the Stars, Jack Osbourne is privately dealing with the aftermath of wife Lisa Stelly’s recent miscarriage.

“It’s been interesting times as of late,” he told PEOPLE after Monday’s show. “But, you know, you persevere through it and you keep on smiling and do what you can.”

The partner of Cheryl Burke also spoke about his multiple sclerosis, saying he must watch his body more than most of the other dancers.

“We take it easy,” he said, following his 23-point foxtrot that brought his mom Sharon to tears in the audience.

“I’ve just got to listen to my body and pay attention to where I’m at, and not overdo it. I’ve been trying to get a lot more sleep, which has been good.”

Multiple sclerosis affects the central nervous system. “It could theoretically start playing around with my nerves,” says Osbourne – which could affect everything from his eyesight to his toes.

For now, he’s following his doctor’s orders, which sound perfectly reasonable.

“It’s funny,” he says. “When you get diagnosed, they tell you, ‘Get a good diet. Exercise daily. Sleep a lot. Minimize stress.’ It’s kind of like, shouldn’t everyone do that anyway?”

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