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Inside Kate & Mady Gosselin’s San Diego Trip

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Michael Kovac/FilmMagic

On a new episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight that aired Monday, Jon Gosselin watched over his sextuplets and daughter Cara, 8, at their home in Wernersville, Pa., while Kate and Cara’s twin Madelyn enjoyed one-on-one time in San Diego.

The duo had a four-day getaway at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego, where they were spotted relaxing on the beach and enjoying lunch at the resort’s outdoor caf .

Camera crews filmed one full day of their trip, while a bodyguard accompanied the mother-daughter duo on the other days. While they attempted to enjoy some down-time, the Gosselins did not go unnoticed during their vacation. During one outing, resort guest Krista Huber saw Kate, Mady and their bodyguard in a “golf cart-type bike.”

“We noticed this woman and a man and a little girl riding past us,” says Huber, a student at Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Mich., “We kinda did a double-take and realized it really looked like Kate Gosselin.” She said the trio “were all kinda scrunched in together, just smiling and talking.”

Later, during lunch at the resort’s outdoor restaurant, the Barefoot Bar and Grill, Mady chatted about getting her braces off, and the bodyguard handled ordering food for the ladies.

He “really he did seem like a protector,” said Huber. “He was definitely doing everything in his power to make sure nobody was bothering her or doing anything she didn’t like around her.”

Gosselin has said that increased media attention on her family, which started when reports of Jon’s late-night outings with another woman surfaced, has turned her life into “hell.”

“I have to laugh about this, or else I’ll cry,” she told PEOPLE recently.

Since then, Kate and Jon have appeared on their hit show together in only small increments, and have admitted they’re struggling with the future of their marriage. — Nicole Weisensee Egan and Aaron Parsley

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