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Idol‘s Crystal Bowersox: There Is No ‘Beef’ with Ryan Seacrest

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Michael Becker/Fox

After performing inspirational songs Tuesday night, Idol‘s top 7 opened up about song choice, harsh judges’ comments and, in Crystal Bowersox‘s case, why she broke down in tears at the end of her song, “People Get Ready.”

“I looked up and saw the mirror of the sunglasses my dad brought because he was trying to hide it if he cried,” she said of what brought on the tears, “and was like, ‘I know he’s crying.'”

Standing next to her on stage, Ryan Seacrest was quick to pass her his handkerchief, a gesture that suggests the contestant and the host are on good terms. There is “no beef with me and Ryan,” Bowersox said of a reported conflict. “We were never angry with each other. We had a conversation. He gave me good advice and I highly respect him.” As for speculation that the conversation happened because Bowersox considered leaving the show? Her answer was crystal clear: “No.”

Meanwhile, Siobhan Magnus had some sassy news for judge Kara DioGuardi, who said she’d rather hang out with the contestant than hear her sing. “If we hung out I’d still sing,” Siobhan said. “I sing when I hang out. I’d say, ‘Sorry, you’re still going to have to hear me sing.'” As far as Simon Cowell‘s comments about her butterfly-adorned outfit, she says, “It was an ode to FernGully and for someone who wears the same V-neck everyday, he sure has an awful lot to say about my style.”

Another week of Ellen‘s interesting comments continued with the hilarious talk show host comparing Tim Urban to the “soup of the day.” “I’ve been alcohol, soup and a number of other things,” says Urban. “Ellen is funny, but I don’t know what she was saying as far as the soup goes. I don’t really eat a whole lot of soup.”

Taking a hard bashing from the judges, Casey James says he feels a cold held him back a bit, but that next week he hopes to be well enough to really, “show another side of me.”

Fitting neatly in his folk rock lane after being pegged as “brilliant” by Simon, Lee DeWyze says he does his best to pick songs so can “see me making an album doing these kinds of things.” And in case you were wondering about the tattoo on his forearm, Lee reveals, “It’s Cat Stevens and John Lennon lyrics.”

After Michael Lynche said he plucked “Hero,” the number he performed Tuesday, from his list of about 200 tunes he’s already learned, he explained: “I’ve been keeping this list for a long time — just things I think would work and that I think are interesting,” he says. “Each week when we pick songs I look through my list first to see if there is anything that matches up … It’s easier to work on my emotion rather than having to learn it all at once.”

Though the judges felt “I Believe I Can Fly” might have been too big a song for young Aaron Kelly to master, he disagrees: “I was in my comfort zone,” he says. By the way, the 17-year-old has a new nickname, according to his pal Big Mike. “It’s actually ‘Aar Bear,'” Lynche says. It’s new every week. That works better for finding him a date for prom. We’re going to have an idol prom.”

Idol Gives Back airs tonight on FOX, but someone is going home before the night is over. –Jessica Herndon

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