Alex Heigl
May 22, 2014 10:00 AM

Only Jimmy Fallon would be crazy enough to tease Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman guested on The Tonight Show Wednesday and earned a bit of ribbing from Fallon for his unusual pose on the June Men’s Health cover.

“No one stands like that,” Jackman said, jumping up to demonstrate the somewhat-forced stance.

“Well, people stand like that when they’re in a fight,” Fallon responded, prompting a pose-off between the two as they stood head-to-head.

In the full version of the clip (below), Jackman also revealed one detail from his personal life that’s a little at odds with his current action hero image.

“For about 12 years,” Jackman says, “my mates at home called me ‘Sticks.’ ”

We’d like to see anyone try that now.

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