Trae Patton/NBC
Michele Corriston
May 12, 2014 09:20 PM

Miss How I Met Your Mother? NBC is bringing actress Cristin Milioti (The Mother) back to the small screen this fall for another adorable comedy about how love stands the test of time.

A to Z, executive-produced by Rashida Jones, tells the story of Andrew (Mad Men‘s Ben Feldman), a hopeless romantic who works at an online dating service. He tries to hide his cheesiness, belting Céline Dion in the comfort of his car and learning how to hit on women with a coworker. But when he meets the straight-laced Zelda (Milioti), he realizes he’s seen her before: shimmering in a silver dress at a concert in 2012.

The show follows Andrew and Zelda’s relationship from start to finish – as the title cutely puts it, from A to Z. Watch the trailer below.

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