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July 31, 2009 12:00 AM

The second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has just begun and already tempers are flaring. And after Thursday’s premiere, it’s easy to see why: It’s stressful being this fabulous! Let’s take a look at the factors pushing each Hotlanta housewife to the boiling point.

Sheree: Never in franchise history has a housewife flown into such a rage, so early in the season. Her war of words with party planner Anthony was jaw-droppingly intense. Anthony: “You need to watch yourself before you get checked.” Sheree: “Who’s gonna check me, boo?” Anthony: “Get out of my office, you trashy b—!” Sheree: “Put your hands on me!” Hey, if you were promised a helicopter entrance and your event designer failed to deliver, you too might lose your mind. As Sheree later wondered, “What ever happened to customer service?” Indeed.

Kim: Floundering since breaking up with Big Papa and alienated from her fellow housewives after allegedly calling NeNe’s husband broke and Lisa a drug addict, Kim attempted to launch a wig line (finally admitting that she wears one, though she’s never had cancer). But the 29-year-old can now add beauty-school dropout to her resume; she quit after getting flummoxed by a curling iron. “I just want to learn about wigs,” she sighed. “I’m not interested in all this crap.”

NeNe: Her heart-to-heart with frenemy Sheree was so warm and fuzzy, it left us wondering where the NeNe of the reunion special had gone. New haircut, new lease on life? Speaking of leases, what could be better than watching NeNe swill mimosas and grind with her decorator-BFF Dwight in her new home theater? Here’s to Dwight getting his own spin-off on which he does nothing but pronounce things “dreadful.” Tim Gunn, you’ve got competition.

Lisa: At 38 will Lisa have another baby? Does anyone care? Until Lisa’s new fashion line begins competing with She by Sheree, her screen time looks to be limited. It boils down to this: A happy home life is the enemy of drama and — it’s safe to assume — ratings. Just ask DeShawn Snow.

Kandi: The debate has begun about Bravo’s decision to replace Snow with the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter. But after Kandi’s requisite name-dropping (she wrote “No Scrubs” she’s BFF with Dallas Austin) her 6-year-old daughter Riley quickly stole the show. “I’m okay with it but I’m not excited,” the mini-housewife admitted of her mother’s engagement to a man with six kids. “Hannah Montana‘s on.” Fans may not embrace Kandi, but when it comes to Riley, we defy them not to fall in love. –Suzanne Zuckerman

Tell us: Whose side are you on — Sheree’s or the party planner’s? Are the other housewives too hard on Kim? What do you think of Kandi?Quantrell Colbert/Bravo

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