Greg Gayne/FOX
People Staff
May 20, 2008 12:00 AM

As House went dark for the summer on Monday night’s finale, House’s confidante Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) held a dying patient in his arms in one of the series’ weepier moments. It wasn’t just any patient, though: it was Amber, aka “cutthroat b—-,” his girlfriend. Poor Wilson, so unlucky in love, with three failed marriages and now a dead girlfriend. (Amber (Anne Dudek) is no stranger to House (Hugh Laurie); she was a former prospective fellow well-known for her Machiavellian tactics.) After Amber dies, Wilson is left reeling. All the drama overshadows the unexpected appearance of Limp Bizkit frontman (and budding film director) Fred Durst as a bartender. It will be a long summer for Wilson. –Nicholas White

Tell us: Will Wilson recover for next season? Do you want to see Fred Durst come back? What’s next for House?Greg Gayne/FOX

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