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Homeland Recap: Are Carrie and Quinn Headed for Romance?

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Joe Alblas/Showtime/Everett

Quinn and Carrie, together? As in, a couple?

Okay, so it hasn’t actually happened yet, but it sure seemed to be the running theme on Sunday’s episode of Homeland.

We begin the show with Carrie (Claire Danes) assuming her post as station chief in Islamabad, where she meets her first roadblock: a grumpy subordinate named John, who is angry she took the job that was rightfully his.

He disobeys her orders and refers to her as “young lady” in the morning meeting. Big mistake. Huge. Carrie owns him, and later, privately tells him to clean up his act – that she can smell the booze on him. Burn. Point Carrie Mathison!

She’s on a mission
We quickly discover Carrie isn’t wasting any time in setting up an undercover operation in the capital, starring her old friends Max (Maury Sterling), the bespectacled cutie from the surveillance van of seasons past, and Fara Sherazi (Nazanin Boniadi), the pretty Iranian-American analyst who helped track down the terrorists’ finances last season. They’re on a mission to gain the trust of Aayan, the lone survivor of the botched farmhouse bombing, and find out what he knows. Or at least, whom he’s so scared of. This is getting exciting!

Jazzercise time
After a light jog around the security compound to some banging jazz (because who doesn’t like to do cardio to jazz?), Carrie finds that Saul has arrived, escorting a new security team from the private company he works for. Saul hands out some sage advice, and Carrie, while grateful for his help, doesn’t actually need it. As Machiavelli once said, “Pity the student who does not surpass his master.” Carrie is proving she’s at least as smart as her mentor now. Still, you know Saul will be back and involved in Carrie’s latest mission in some capacity.

A fine romance?
Meanwhile, back in the States, Quinn is having a minor breakdown, vowing to quit the CIA and drinking away the pain. A CIA interrogator starts asking him if he has feelings for Carrie. (Foreshadowing, much?) Then Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) also accuses Quinn of having the hots for Carrie, saying that this is the real reason Sandy died. Quinn’s lover/landlady overhears this and tells him that “Carrie is a lucky girl.” Wait, is this really going on? Even Quinn can’t seem to believe it.

Quinn then rewatches the footage of Sandy’s nasty stomping death on YouTube (over 1 million hits, y’all!) and spies a guy in the crowd who appears to have directed the whole thing. Pakistani intelligence, most likely. “We didn’t stand a chance,” Quinn tells Carrie, when he finally returns her many calls to tell her what he saw.

I just can’t quit you
Carrie tells Quinn she really needs him (as in, to join her in Pakistan, now that they’ve discovered this), saying, “Don t make me beg.” Quinn tells her she’s the hardest person in the world to say “no” to, and Carrie replies that she loves him. At this point, the foreshadowing of this romance isn’t even subtle. But something tells me it won’t actually happen – not this season, anyway. But it will be great to have Quinn working alongside Carrie, Max, Fara and possibly Saul.

In all honesty, I’m still rooting for Quinn and the landlady to work things out.

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