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Dahvi Shira
July 19, 2012 07:00 AM

Heidi Klum has so far been successful in passing down strong sense of style to her children.

“We have a rule in the house,” the supermodel recently told reporters during a conference call. “Rule No. 1 is always to look cool, and rule No. 2 is don’t forget about rule No. 1. We have other rules … but the No. 1 rule is to always look cool.”

Of her four kids – Leni, 8, Henry, 6½, Johan, 5½, and Lou, 2½ – the first two take the rule “very seriously,” Klum says. “Henry changes clothes 10 times a day and he wants to be very cool. I mean, he would wear a T-shirt and then he will wear a tie just around his neck, knotted, and then a belt over the shirt.”

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Adds the Project Runway judge, “He [has] very unusual ways of dressing where I’m like, ‘Really? You want to put the belt over your T-shirt and the tie around your neck?’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, mom. I’m cool.’ ”

As for her own style, Klum takes cues from her show’s season four winner, Christian Siriano.

“Last season for the Emmys, I wore a Christian Siriano [design], and I’m proud to wear his clothes,” she replied when asked which designer she’d wear on a red carpet right now. “He worked to the last second to make it special and I love that about him. I’ve worn many of his outfits over the seasons.”

Gearing up for Thursday’s season 10 premiere at 9/8c on Lifetime, Klum hints that there will be challenges involving making clothes out of candy and out of car parts.

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