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Grey’s: Merger Madness Continues!

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Richard Cartwright/ABC; Karen Neal/ABC

The Mercy West invasion began Thursday on Grey’s Anatomy and it’s safe to say that the Seattle Gracers did not put out the welcome mat. The transfers didn’t exactly bring a hostess gift either. The competition was fierce, the backstabbing brutal and the episode intense, satisfying and full of OMG moments.

Space Invaders: The Mercy West residents set up shop and things immediately started off on the wrong foot. Izzie threw down when one refused to vacate George‘s locker and labeled her crazy. The old staff hid, already beaten down, in Meredith‘s hospital room, convinced they were going to be forced to become coroners. In a role reversal, Meredith was the positive go-getter using an Aliens analogy as a pep talk: “This is our ship. We own this hospital. We were born in this hospital. Go get surgeries before they take them.”

Matters of the Heart: Even star pupil Yang, whose been feeling lost on her career path, gave up. A bit of her fight came back in the ER, but her Mercy counterpart outdid her every step of the way. The last straw? Her beau let one of them scrub in on her patient. “You‘re prioritizing based on some random code, some stupid rule you have not to favor me,” she said to him. Yang fled to Mer’s room and broke down about how much she missed Burke and his heart cases. “Nothing is happening to me. I’m chasing surgeries I don’t care about,” she said. “I spent this entire day fighting and I don’t want to do it anymore “ Sandra Oh dug deep for that one.

Father-Daughter Dance: A week after Mer’s father returned, Callie‘s papa popped in, wanting to repair their relationship — and brought along his priest to “pray away the gay.” Arizona suggested she sit down with him since she was the one who changed the rules after a lifetime of heterosexuality. Callie took her advice, but the encounter got ugly fast when he said, “I love you but this is an abomination, an eternity in hell.” He lobbed anti-gay Bible quotes at her and she tossed back a few about love and acceptance. “Jesus would be ashamed of you for judging me,” she screamed. Arizona told Callie’s dad a powerful story behind her name and coming out to her dad: “My father is not a man who bends but he bent for me because I’m his daughter. I love your daughter and I protect the things I love.” It obviously worked because he found Callie and apologized.

Little Grey Lost: Lexie was paired with a brownnoser on a petty thief’s case. When the new girl made a suggestion to Derek and he accepted it, the burglar asked if she planned to fight back. He stole her notebook and told Lexie to use it to regain her dominance. When the brownnoser pulled a few more stunts, Lexie turned her notebook mantras on her. She won the day but felt horrible and un-Lexie-like, so she apologized and tried to empathize. “It must be hard being the new ,” she said. “I don’t like you but what I did was over the line.”

Another One Bites the Dust: Izzie’s thought she had bonded with her new partner, was reminded of George and defended his awesomeness. But when she overheard him bragging that he had his own “surgical b—-,” attending to his every whim, they fought and she let her emotions get to her and almost killed Bailey‘s kidney transplant patient. After Bailey gave her a good reaming, Izzie went to the Chief‘s office where he fired her based on concerns about her performance level. After hinting that Alex had also brought up concerns about her, she pleaded, “Please don’t take this away from me. I don’t have anything left.” Then, she quickly shed her marriage with a note. Alex took the letter to Yang and Mer and broke the news that she’d left him. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: How they will get Izzie back? Which new character do you hope gets a job at Seattle Grace permanently and why?Richard Cartwright/ABC; Karen Neal/ABC