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May 21, 2010 12:00 AM

Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy finale was killer — literally and figuratively …

Caution: spoilers ahead.

It started like any other shift — critical patients, wisecracks, lovers’ quarrels (even another guest star, Mandy Moore, did her best sick-girl impersonation since A Walk to Remember) — except that Meredith discovered she was pregnant and was on her way to tell a bummed Derek, with Yang following, when they were told a gunman was on the loose and the hospital was on lockdown.

Mr. Clark, the widow suing for his wife’s wrongful death, intended to hunt down those responsible — the ex-Chief, Der and Lexie — but when he got lost and asked Reed for directions, she got dropped. Alex was the next victim, but managed to crawl to the elevator. Mark and Lexie found him and performed crude surgery on a conference table. Lexie seemed to fall harder for her patient, but he deliriously babbled about bacon and — ouch! — Izzie leaving him.

A nurse, security guard and doc were mowed down before Clark got to the room where Bailey and Percy were hiding. He was blasted after admitting his surgeon status, so Bailey said she was a nurse when he dragged her out from under the bed. She frantically tried to save her co-worker with Mandy’s aid but couldn’t get him to an O.R. She freaked, then put on a brave face while he died in her lap.

Meanwhile, Clark’s confrontation with Der on the catwalk ended in shots fired. Mer witnessed the scene, ran to him and begged him not to die. When they couldn’t find any attendings, Avery encouraged Yang to operate. Owen went back in for her after Teddy told him it was okay to choose one, only to find Clark telling Yang to let Der die at gunpoint. They each argued why Clark should shoot them. Mer’s argument (wife, sis, daughter-like to his targets) was the most compelling, but Owen charged him before he could fire and got himself wounded. Avery tricked him into thinking Der died and after he left, Yang begged Mer to save her guy while she saved hers. In a terribly sad moment, Mer miscarried while working on Owen and seemed resolved not to tell her hubby, who Yang saved, about it.

During another run-in with Clark, Arizona was frozen in fear while Callie coolly convinced him to leave them alone. This made Callie realize she could live without kids if she had Arizona. But the moment converted Arizona in their baby debate. The ex-chief snuck in, found Clark in his wife’s room and channeled the boss he used to be to convince Clark to use his last bullet on himself. His redemption was complete when he turned down the flask. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: What did you think of the episode? What will happen in the wake of the tragedies? And who’s up for an Emmy?Danny Feld/ABC(2)

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