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October 12, 2007 12:00 AM

As Stephen Colbert might say: It’s an episode about “truthiness.” And old .

Though George telling Callie that he’d slept with Izzie may be what’s discussed around the watercooler in the morning, the episode was chock full of interesting character developments and revelations. A rundown:

• After being forced to work together in the ER, Meredith bonds with sister Lexie over her mom’s death note • It looks like McDreamy and McSteamy may be on the road to BFF-hood after Derek confides in Mark about his relationship woes with Meredith • And the old Cristina’s back! She actually pulls the pity card (that she’s still sad over Burke) on Mer to get in on a good surgery • Karev gets assigned the world’s oldest intern in the form of Lorelai Gilmore’s dad (Edward Herrmann)! • Izzie bonds with a crotchety once-comatose patient, dubbed Really Old Guy (or forever forward known as ROG) who tells our favorite Blondie that she’s kidding herself if she thinks George will leave Callie

Best quote of the night: Cristina to Alex about manipulating Meredith for surgeries: “Sad is mine. Go find your own pretend emotion.” Most unexpected moment: Yes, George’s end-of-the-episode confession to Callie that he’d slept with Izzie was meant to be shocking. But when Karev turned into Resident Evil and outed George as a “repeater,” as in repeat intern, who else felt like smacking him? Most clich d moment: Izzie walking in on ROG from behind and giving him a whole speech about how he needs to live life, how she needs him for advice blah blah, and then figuring out that the dude finally kicked the bucket. How many times has this plot device been used on the show?

With next week’s episode showing Izzie and Callie having a lunchroom showdown over George, is this Gizzie love triangle getting a tad junior high for you? Now that Mer and Lexie are growing closer, will it last? Or, will Mer run hot and cold with her half-sis, like her relationship with Der? –Caryn Midler

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