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January 09, 2009 12:00 AM

Blame it on the post-holiday blahs. Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, the first new episode in over a month, was not all that exciting. Still, it laid the groundwork for next week, which the trailer teases to be an intense episode that will bring Der and Hunt’s serial killer patient face to face with Bailey’s special transplant-needing moppet and Mer will come face to face with her boyfriend’s mother.

So about last night…

Girl Fight: Meredith and Yang are still on the outs, but were forced to work together (along with their boy toys) on a death row prisoner (Eric Stoltz, who is certain to nab a guest star Emmy nomination) who came in with multiple stab wounds, brain contusions and a shiv stuck in his spinal cord. The con thought paralysis might buy him a stay of execution, which motivated Der to get more serious about the case because he didn’t want to be the guy’s ticket to escaping punishment. Mer and Yang traded nasty remarks back and forth with each other during the surgery and left without saying a word to each other when it was complete. Sadie approached Mer and reminded her that they once had a big fight in Amsterdam, from which their friendship never recovered. “We used to be as close as you and Christina and then Amsterdam happened and you shut me down and we never got past it. That’s okay. I’m a rolling stone. I bounce. But you’re about to do the same thing to Christina and that girl mates for life. If you don’t make it right, she’ll never talk to you again.” Mer defended herself saying she’d apologized and Sadie described the type of apology, giving you the sense she’d gotten a similar one before expressing that she missed Mer as a friend. Hope the coming weeks will divulge more about that back story.

Der later confided in Mer about why he had such an attitude about the death row case. His dad had been shot and killed for his watch and then he said he wished that he could fix things with Yang for her. He figured the next best thing was to do what she would do, which Mer explained would be to crank the tunes and dance it out. Der whipped out the best white man’s overbite since Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally.

Ghost Story: Birthday girl Izzie told Denny that she planned to tell Alex about her affair with the dead guy because it was the least she could do in return for him saying, ‘I love you.” But she panicked when she brought it up, comparing it to a dream Alex had about his dead grandma telling him not to touch himself. He brushed it off as silly, so she tried again and got more graphic this time: “We still do stuff together, sex stuff.” Alex still shrugged it off, “There’s nothing wrong with fantasy. I’d rather you fantasize about me, or chicks, but whatever. You’re trying to work something out. I’ve been competing with that tool for a long time and I’d say he’s got the handicap now.” To prove his point, Alex got physical. Denny returned when the deed was over and reminded Izzie that he was the jealous type. “I can’t choose. Please don’t make me choose,” she pleaded. “I can’t do anything that would make you unhappy,” he explained, adding that he’d just given her his birthday present.

Alex baked her a cake. When Alex told her to make a wish, Izzie wondered as she looked back and forth between her ghost lover and her live lover, ‘What if I don’t have anything to wish for? What if I have everything I could ever want?” He replied, “Then wish that nothing changes.”

Intern Worship: Sloane was feeling remorse for not honoring Derek’s request that he stay away from Lexie. “I slipped. It was fantast but it’s not going to happen again,” he warned her. But after working on a case where a woman had turned down a chance to go to Denver to be with the greatest lover of her life, but changed her mind the minute she was cured, Sloane decided to give in to his desires and read the Lexipedia again. “You only live once. You can’t waste it. I’m going to Denver.” –Carrie Bell

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