People Staff
October 19, 2007 12:00 AM

Last night’s episode led us to believe it was going to be GA‘s showdown of the season, but instead it turned out to be much ado about nothing.

While George ran around helpless to prevent a war between his wife and his lover, Izzie’s ballyhooed girl fight with Callie in the cafeteria turned out to be all bluster and no blowout. To further confuse the issue, our favorite insensitvie intern Alex suddenly discovered he was jealous of Gizzie.

Things were no less complicated (or frustrating) in the Mer-Der department. Meredith and Norman spent the night doing a Laurel and Hardy routine involving a misidentified patient (seriously!?), while McDreamy cultivated a burgeoning friendship with Meredith’s half-sis Lexie. As a matter of fact, the only character that deserved any compassion was Callie. From her opening line of “I forgive you” to George, we knew the episode would conclude with some kind of catharsis for our favorite orthopedic surgeon. Honestly, we were hoping it would come in the form of a good old-fashioned slugfest with Izzie. Alas, the promotional teasers for such a confrontation were once again misleading.

Best moment of the night: Callie telling off the boyfriend of the dead, malnourished workout queen. Even if it was misdirected, it was nice to see Callie unleash some whoop-a– on somebody.

Biggest revelation: McDreamy wants to marry Meredith and live with her until he’s 110, but she’s not ready yet: she’s still an intern … and possibly, never ready to graduate to an adult relationship?

So tell us: Would you have liked to have seen a real showdown between Callie and Izzie (and Callie and George) instead a verbal dress down? And are Derek and Meredith just not meant to be? –Caryn Midler

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