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May 08, 2009 12:00 AM

Fans have been waiting for a wedding for weeks, and the big day finally arrived. They’re going to the chapel and they’re gonna get married. Of course, it wasn’t quite the “they” everyone was expecting on the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

He’s Back: Excited for Deredith’s wedding day, Izzie was determined to fulfill her duties as wedding planner and bridesmaid even though her hair started falling out and Denny was back. When she told Derek she was seeing her dead ex again, he and Bailey rushed her to get a new MRI, but Izzie was sure it was a tumor. When they didn’t find anything, Derek suggested inducing a hallucination in order to pinpoint which part of the brain was responsible. While waiting for him to appear, Izzie admitted that she would always love Denny but she was heart-flutter, planning-the-future in love with Alex. Der found the tiny tumor, but he didn’t think he could get to it to save her.

Wedding Belles: Upon hearing the diagnosis, Bailey came up with a plan. Meredith brought her wedding dress to Izzie and explained that it was never meant for her. Izzie thought she’d gotten cold feet but when Alex showed up in a tux, she realized that she was going to be the bride. When she wobbled on her way down the aisle, George walked her the rest of the way. “Today’s the day my life begins,” Alex said in his vows. “Today I become a man, a husband. I become accountable to someone other than myself.” After a romantic kiss, Alex took her back to the hospital and more of her hair fell out. They decided to shave her head and Alex told her how beautiful she was. Izzie, taking over the narration for Grey, told Denny about her wedding and asked him to leave so she could be with her husband.

Flying Solo: Before the plans changed, Der arranged for Mer to do her first solo surgery on an inflamed colon as her wedding present. The Chief hovered over her and hemmed and hawed with her every decision. He also beamed like a proud father and informed her at the end that her mother would have been proud.

No Money, Mo Problems: Arizona confronted Callie about their fancy dinner date that ended without much romance. Callie eventually admitted she had acted weird because of her financial dilemmas. The expensive restaurant made her feel worthless and broke. Arizona said they’d stay in and eat cheap until they got through the rough patch together. They finished the episode in bed eating pizza.

Crash and Burnt: A bunch of banged-up college kids were wheeled in after their car was hit by a semi on the way to graduation and Yang, Alex, Hunt and George were working on them. The students dropped like flies and George felt responsible. Hunt gave him a pep talk, emphasizing the one they saved (the valedictorian) and reminding him that in trauma, “You don’t have to be the hero; you just have to go where you’re needed.” Hunt tried to get close to Yang on several occasions, talking about the progress he made in therapy. She pulled away every time but also took down the ceiling fan that he figured triggered the choking incident. — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Were you surprised that Alex and Izzie tied the knot instead of Deredith? What did you think of the dream wedding? Will Yang and Hunt will get back together? Will Izzie survive?

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