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Shawna Malcom
November 05, 2010 09:50 AM

“It’ll be an easy day.” That’s what Owen promised wife Cristina early in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, which naturally, meant the day would turn out to be anything but. Stormy, life-altering – those would’ve been more appropriate descriptions. By the time the episode ended, one couple had broken up, two friends were at odds and a doctor had decided to quit the hospital.

From the start, Callie seemed to be having second thoughts about her decision to accompany Arizona to Africa. She bristled when Arizona tried to give away their kitchen appliances to Sloan and seemed unsettled by the Chief’s declaration that he’d had “big plans” for her before she opted to check out of Seattle Grace. And there was definitely no hiding her disappointment over the pitiful turnout to the couple’s going-away party. Preparing to say goodbye to his closest friend, Sloan finally pointed out the obvious in a way that only the playboy plastic surgeon could: “You sound an awful lot like someone who’s getting double Ds just because her girlfriend likes a big rack. And by big rack, I mean Africa.”

If Callie didn’t want to move, she did want to stay with Arizona. But, as became painfully obvious during the couple’s blowout at the airport, that just wasn’t enough for Arizona, who declared that Callie was “ruining” an exciting opportunity for her. Rocked by the bombshell that Arizona wanted to fly solo, Callie begged her to reconsider, then desperately issued an angry ultimatum: Leave without me and we’re done. Arizona’s sad response: “We’re already over.”

All wasn’t right between best friends either. Without explanation, Cristina blew up at Meredith, even after Owen let Mrs. McDreamy out of his trauma-skills lab early in order to babysit his wife as she prepared returning patient Roy for his lung transplant. At the hospital, Roy’s estranged daughter realized she was open to making amends but Cristina wasn’t in as forgiving a mood. Waiting for Teddy to arrive with Roy’s new lungs, the emotionally scarred doc unleashed a torrent of pent-up anger on Meredith. She was the one who’d begged Cristina to save Derek even as a gun was being held to her head, and she blamed her friend for her post-shooting paralysis in the OR. By the end of the episode, Cristina decided she didn’t want to be a surgeon any more.

Some of the best scenes belonged to Derek and Bailey. Preoccupied by concern for Meredith, he was unable to write a grant proposal for his Alzheimer’s clinical trial. And grief-stricken over the death of patient Mary, Bailey pushed the pathologist to swiftly and definitively determine a cause of death. Bailey venting to Derek, and vice versa, was an alternately funny and poignant interaction between two longtime colleagues and friends – and served as a reminder that Patrick Dempsey and Chandra Wilson deserve the opportunity to work together more often.

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