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Grey's Anatomy: Hey, Baby!

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Danny Feld/ABC

With a highly emotional crisis behind them, the doctors of Seattle Grace attempted to move on to the next chapter of their lives on Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Too bad life rarely cooperates.

Meredith and Derek hoped their fresh start would include a baby but the numerous pregnancy tests she took at work yielded the same disappointing result as the one she’d first taken at home. “A baby doesn’t wanna set up shop in a hostile uterus,” she said. When Derek reassured her that it takes time to get pregnant, Mer was quick to point out that wasn’t the case for everyone.

Put Callie’s name at the top of that list! In the closing moments of the show, after Arizona had pleaded once again for her ex’s forgiveness, Callie dropped the bombshell that, thanks to a drunken hook-up, she’s expecting Mark’s child.

Naturally, the timing couldn’t have been worse. In an effort to win Callie back, Arizona had bought out the subletters of the apartment the two women once shared so she could move back in and be closer to Callie, who’s living across the hall … with Mark. Callie had seemingly started to warm to the idea of a reconciliation after witnessing the forgiveness between her patient, who’d been trampled by horses on his wedding day, and his same-sex partner, who’d inadvertently caused the trampling. Arizona had done some soul-searching of her own and, with Mark’s help, realized that the greatest impediment to another shot with Callie (at least before the baby revelation) was her tendency to run when the going gets tough.

Will Arizona stand by the woman she loves, even though she’s pregnant by another, or bail again? And what does this latest wrinkle mean for the recently reunited Mark and Lexie? The last time Little Grey found out her man was a dad, their relationship quickly fizzled.

Other attempts at a clean slate also proved easier said than done. Last week, Teddy married patient Henry in order to provide him with medical insurance. This week, the disapproving Chief called her into the OR to make a life-altering surgical decision on Henry’s behalf, which demonstrated that, like it or not, Teddy’s fake wedding means a very real commitment. Especially because, as poor Henry confessed after surgery, he has zilch in the way of a support system outside of his stranger of a wife.

Meanwhile, the residents contended with a new crop of interns in the hopes of proving themselves worthy of the up-for-grabs chief resident gig – though most failed miserably, despite varying degrees of effort. Ironically, it was Alex who scored highest on his evaluation, even as he scored between the sheets with his thong-flashing intern.

At least Bailey is enjoying a strings-free fling with very fine nurse Eli. For now anyway.