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Grey's Anatomy: Cristina Reels It In

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Danny Feld/ABC

‘Tis the season for the final fresh episode of Grey’s Anatomy in 2010. Thankfully, there were plenty of twists in Thursday’s installment to keep fans buzzing well into the New Year.

• Scott Foley is so the new Denny Duquette. As a seriously ill but oh-so-charming patient, the former Felicity star first encountered Izzie – er, Teddy – in the elevator, where he announced that he planned to propose to his girlfriend. The next time the two met, though, Henry admitted that he’d only (unsuccessfully) popped the question because he desperately needed health insurance. Rather than spend another day blaming herself for Cristina’s decision to quit the surgical program, Teddy threw herself into trying to convince the Chief, and then the hospital board, that the tumor-afflicted patient deserved pro bono surgery. And when that ultimately failed, Teddy made an impulsive proposal of her own. “I have great medical insurance,” she said. “I’ll marry you.” Will this union of convenience evolve into something more? And considering how things turned out the last time a doctor got engaged to a patient (RIP, Denny), do Teddy and Henry have a shot at a healthier prognosis?

• Arizona is out of Africa! In the weeks since the doc left Callie, and Seattle Grace, behind for a gig in Malawi, poor Callie has tried everything – from cutting her hair to hooking up with Mark – to mend her broken heart. Just when it seemed she was making progress – surprise! – Arizona showed up at her door, claiming she’d made a mistake and was home to prove it. But judging from the door that Callie slammed in her ex’s face, the gesture may be too little too late.

• All I want for Christmas is you: Former couple Mark and Lexie are back on! Inspired by a pair of injured newlyweds, who’d gotten together thanks to the guy’s persistence, Sloan refused to give up on a future with Little Grey. At Joe’s for a drink after work, Mark made the first move, planting a lingering kiss on Lexie, but it was she who chose to stay, rather than return to the hospital when she was paged, for more. Bailey got a dose of romance, too, courtesy of male nurse Eli (Daniel Sunjata), who asked the single mom out – and just may prove to be her match in the tough-as-nails department.

• Cristina goes fishing with Derek. Her brief stint as a bartender behind her, the troubled doc agreed to go fishing with Derek, an unlikely pursuit for the city girl that hubby Owen supported but best pal Meredith did not. While those two clashed loudly in the OR – Owen labeled Mer a “reckless” bad influence – Cristina reluctantly learned the value of silence. Stuck on a boat in the middle of a lake with Der, she had nowhere to run and could no longer hide from herself. Catching her first fish proved to be a source of genuine joy and pride but also prompted a flood of cathartic tears, which Derek made sure to immortalize with a Polaroid. In the snapshot, Cristina at long last looks at peace, surely a sign that things are looking up for her in 2011. Happy New Year indeed!