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Grey’s Anatomy: Callie & Arizona’s Baby Drama

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Danny Feld/ABC

Seattle Grace was an intense place to work this week thanks to the birth of Mark’s grandson (and all the post-partum drama that followed), Callie and Arizona‘s baby debate, a hotshot surgeon circling Teddy’s position and Alex’s passive-aggressive nature toward Lexi. And most of that happened before a man showed up with a shark hook lodged in his side. –Carrie Bell

BABY GLOOM: Callie and Arizona’s disagreement over starting a family continued to escalate, complicated by the birth of Sloan III. Callie assumed Arizona would eventually come around and that the resistance stemmed from the loss of her brother and daily dealings with infants. When Arizona couldn’t take the nitpicking anymore, she blew: “My lack of interest in having a child is not some pathology that you can pat yourself on the back for having diagnosed. I like my life the way it is. I don’t want it to change. I thought I liked t with you in it. I hope I’m not wrong.” By episode’s end, Callie said she didn’t need things like “being punched in the face” by a baby arm or a house that smells like poo. But when she started to cry during her spiel, Arizona’s hard exterior appeared to soften ever so slightly.

GRANDDADDY ISSUES: Sloan Sr. was thrilled with the birth of his grandchild, but the joy faded when Sloan Jr. gave him a number to reach the adoptive family she’d chosen. He suggested she live with him, keep the kid and raise him as a family. Arizona thought it was an awful idea. “The adopting couple are his parents. Not Mr. Mid-Life Crisis and his teenage kid who bought her infant a bag of lollipops.” Mark started to see her point when Sloan Jr. wouldn’t feed the baby, called staff every time baby whimpered and avoided holding him. When Derek helped him realize he wasn’t losing his daughter, Sloan told her she’d always have him and that she shouldn’t keep the baby for his sake.

UNDER PRESSURE: A hotshot blew into town as Der was considering him for Teddy’s position and Yang drooled all over him before she realized that rock stars don’t care about helping newbies’ careers and if he came on, Teddy would be pushed out. Every time she tried to prove she should stay, she screwed up — even sneezing while trying to remove the shark hook. Defeated, she broke down to Owen in the elevator and it almost lead to a kiss. Yang begged him to speak to Der on Teddy’s behalf, but out of fear that he would fall for her, he said she’d land on her feet just fine. The old chief thought he’d made the right decision when he gave Teddy the position and was shocked when Der admitted he’d offered it to the other guy who turned it down.

SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT: When Lexie allowed Alex to call her names, cut her off, steal her thunder and dismiss her theories, Bailey stepped in. “You’re handing your power over to a boy and letting him treat you like a monkey,” she said. “I don’t care how good the sex is. If that’s what it costs, you’re paying too much.” After her giant catch on a confusing case, she demanded he “start being nice” or she’d stop “spreading my legs.”

HANDS OFF MY HUSBAND: Meredith started to notice April’s crush on her husband. So to spice up their life, Mer performed some intern role-playing in his office, which seemed out of character unless she’s realizing she needs to elevate her game to keep her Post-it marriage intact.

Tell us: Should Sloan have raised the baby? Is Owen headed for Teddy’s arms? Will Derek ever act on April’s advances? Can Callie and Arizona survive a difference of opinion on such a huge issue?Danny Feld/ABC