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Gossip Girl Recap: Serena Steals the Fashion Show

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It’s Fashion Week in New York City and the Upper East Side glitterati are plying for front row seats. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) has tickets but Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is working an opportunity to get her photo in WWD. When Serena agrees to sit front row at Eleanor Waldorf’s show instead of watching it from backstage with Blair — a time-honored tradition since the girls were 11 — the daggers come out. Blair wants to destroy Serena even if it comes at her mother’s expense. From moving her seating card to switching Serena’s dress, Blair pulls out all the moves. Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen), who has been toiling away for Eleanor finally exerts some power over Blair, but to little avail. In her effort at sabotage, Blair sends all the models home and even shoves Jenny’s dress into the runway lineup. After Jenny suggests having the socialites walk the runway and Serena closes the show in Jenny’s design, two stars are officially born.

While Blair was busy trying to bring down everyone else, she lost her best friend, her mother’s respect and any shot she had at the limelight. Watching Blair act like a spoiled brat got old fast. Can’t everyone just get along? And what’s with Blair sticking up for Jenny? Do we have an unlikely friendship brewing?

Speaking of unlikely friendships: How about Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick)? Though the two are as different as night and day, Dan thinks Chuck can help him be a better writer. After two nights out on the town, Dan is left shoeless and in jail. But thanks to the wild nights, the secret behind Chuck’s smooth exterior is revealed. Chuck wishes for a relationship with his father and feels responsible for his mother’s death since she died giving birth to him — or so he says. There might be more to his mom’s death and the rocky relationship with his dad, so keep the drama coming. Just asking: How did Dan pull a fast one on Chuck? Shouldn’t the master of manipulation know when he is being used?

Meanwhile, Bart Bass is back. Though he is ignoring his son, he is paying extra special attention to his new wife, Lily Van der Woodsen, who discovers that Bart has been conducting a very disturbing background check on her. We knew her past was less than perfect, but what dirt could she be hiding that she really doesn’t want anyone to know. Seems like Bart has found it.

OMG Moment of the Night: Dan sticking up for Chuck by landing a right hook — and then in jail. Who knew Dan was so strong? — Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Do you think Blair and Jenny will join forces to rule the school? Will Serena and Blair ever be best friends again? Will Dan and Chuck stay pals?GIOVANNI RUFINO/THE CW