People Staff
September 23, 2008 12:00 AM

We knew it was only a matter of time before Serena van der Woodsen made her official comeback. After a whole season of Serena moping around in self-pity mode over sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend, being in love with boring Dan Humphrey and then mourning their breakup, the wild child is finally being released– and just in time for the new school year!

Guess Dan ridiculing her social status and flaunting that new girl were enough to break the beast out of any nice girl’s shell. We think Dan had it coming though– bringing the Hannah Montana lookalike to Serena’s stomping ground wasn’t his smartest move.

Meanwhile, like everything on the Upper East side, little goes on without Chuck Bass having his hand in it. Seems like Amanda is the paid bait to get Blair Waldorf thrown off her throne. With Dan out of the way, Serena will take the spotlight leaving Blair with no one to turn to other than Chuck. We think Chuck might actually have a winning plan on his hands this time, and with Lord Marcus out of the way, success is almost certain. Speaking of Lord Marcus, how creepy was his hookup with his stepmother?! If there was ever a time to throw in a gratuitous OMFG, it would be now: OMFG! Catherine clearly has a fetish for young guys, but one PYT (pretty young thing), Nate Archibald, enough to keep her satisfied? When Vanessa caught Marcus and stepmummy doing some, ahem, mother-son bonding, our hearts almost broke for Blair. Can’t the girl catch a break? But like the B we all know and love, she quickly wiped her tears and dealt with the problem–too bad Vanessa underestimated her.

What Is Up With That: Lily Bass’s surprise visits to Rufus Humphrey and with a bottle of wine–did someone make a mistake?

Best Revenge: No need for a Dalton boy when you have a Herv Leger bandage dress. Suddenly Serena’s lack of knowledge of poetry isn’t so important, is it, Dan? –Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Are you excited to see Serena rise to the top? Is there room for two Queen B’s on the Upper East Side? Will B be forced back into Chuck’s arms? Do you think Nate will forgive Vanessa or will he be finding his way back to Blair?

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