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Gossip Girl: It’s a Brand New Georgina!

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Giovanni Rufino/CW

Butter, Bungelow … it’s easy to get Manhattan’s Bs confused. But in the world of Gossip Girl, everyone should know the difference between a B-list watering hole and a VIP hotspot. So why didn’t Serena‘s new boy toy? Wouldn’t you remember where you met the Page Six regular?

On the surface, Gabriel seemed to be a perfect match. He’s older, dreamy and working hard to start his own business. He might know Wall Street, but he certainly didn’t know Serena and her crew. Not only was he “confused” about where he met S (Butter was closed the night in question), but he was still seeing Poppy. Luckily for Serena, she had Chuck and Blair on her side. And when the Queen B is destined to ruin you, it is only a matter a time.

After a night of spying, Blair discovered Gabriel leaving Serena to jump into Poppy’s arms. Serena might have believed Gabriel, but Blair and Chuck didn’t — and the only one who knew the truth was Georgina.

Though Nate might not have trusted Chuck when it came to Blair, he let her get in a limo (the same one she lost her virginity in) with Chuck and ride off into the sunset. The former couple made a trek to Connecticut to visit Georgina at a religious reform school. But when Chuck left Blair in the car to talk to Georgina alone, she ditched him to head back to civilization — and Nate’s new love nest. But Chuck got what he came for: proof Gabriel is a liar.

Georgina could set the record straight (and hopefully cause a little trouble at the same time) — but she might not be needed. Serena already knew Gabriel was lying. And he wasn’t the only one. It seemed like Blair has been lying to herself. We all know she still loves Bass!

Just Asking: Nate Archibald knows how to use the subway? Dating Vanessa did have its advantages! — Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Is Georgina reformed? Are Chuck and Blair still in love? Will Serena stick with Gabriel?Giovanni Rufino/CW