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Gossip Girl: Blair & Chuck Play Naughty at Snowflake Ball

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Giovanni Rufino/CW

Only on the Upper East Side can high school exes be best friends. Serena (Blake Lively), her new love Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori), and Dan (Penn Badgley) and Aaron’s ex Lexie all went on a terribly uncomfortable double date — thanks to the undeniable chemistry between Dan and Serena. It may have been tolerable had they just done the tour of Brooklyn but the awkward foursome also attended the Snowflake ball together.

The foreplay between Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) finally resumed. Instead of going to the ball together, the star-crossed lovers did what they do best: turn the whole thing into a game, bet some money on it and disregard the feelings for anyone caught in the crossfire. Blair found Chuck a date and vice versa. If Blair fell for her date, Chuck got her maid Dorota, and if Chuck fell for his date, Blair got his limo. Here’s the twist: their dates turned out to be mini replicas of each other (Blair even gave her a headband!). But the tables turned when the mini Chuck and mini Blair end up together, and the real Queen B and her King Charles were sent back on the drawing board. At least Blair finally shut up and danced with him.

Quick question: Was Chuck’s tuxedo jacket actually sparkling?

Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) was playing with fire — again. After Jenny (Taylor Momsen) returned home, Vanessa continued to see Nate (Chase Crawford) on the sly. But when the two were caught red-handed by Gossip Girl, their secret was out. Jenny got her revenge by humiliating Vanessa in a see through dress at the ball. Too bad Little J didn’t know that Vanessa felt so bad for intercepting Nate’s love letter that she broke up with him for Jenny. Sometimes good girls really do finish last. After witnessing Jenny’s true colors, Nate picked Vanessa anyway. But don’t worry about Little J. She’s not done causing trouble yet.

In grown-up land, Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) were still down playing their age-old love for each other. But when Lily finally decided to leave Bart Bass, there was a terrible accident — and another cliffhanger. Next Monday can’t come soon enough!

Tell us: Is Bart dead? What will Lily do? And what about Chuck? Who will take him in?Giovanni Rufino/CW