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November 29, 2007 12:00 AM

It was flashback central on last night’s Thanksgiving-themed GG, and the bombshells dropped so quickly that if you blinked, you missed one.

Like … • Last year, a drunken Serena spent the holiday tipsy and stumbling around the city, where she was rescued from an oncoming taxi by future boyfriend Dan. • Blair was so happy hanging out with her dad during Thanksgiving dinner preparations last year that she sent then-boyfriend Nate to take Serena upstairs to sober up in the bathtub. As we know, that turned out to not be a good idea. • Blair is bulimic, and she relapsed after finding out her mother banned her beloved dad … who left her mom for a male model after last Turkey Day … from visiting for the holidays. Despite a wicked fight between Blair and Serena earlier in the day, S was the person B called when she was in trouble, giving us a bit of insight into the duo’s bond, despite their many fights. • The Humphreys hosted the van der Woodsens for dinner thanks to Dan’s invitation to Serena, but the occasion turned into a big drama when the kids learned Lily and Rufus used to be romantically involved. • Nate’s dad OD’d and his family spent Turkey Day in the ER. • Rufus chose to give his marriage a real shot instead of pursuing a potential relationship with Lily again. • Blair and her mom made up when Mrs. Waldorf ‘fessed up that she had banned a visit from Blair’s dad because she was still too hurt by the break up of her marriage. •Nate confronted his father and told him he knew the OD wasn’t an accident. • And Lily told her kids the truth about her past as a rock groupie, including a tale of nine hours spent on the Ohio Turnpike with Jane’s Addiction.

So, what does all this mean for the future of our favorite Upper East Siders? Hint: Serena’s pushy grandmother comes to town next week, dissing Dan as a boyfriend for her granddaughter and leading Rufus to find out why Lily broke up with him years ago. In other words: Caution, drama ahead!

As for our favorite couple, do you think Dan and Serena will be able to weather the constant interference from friends and family? And is Rufus really over his feelings for Serena’s mom, or is there potential for Dan and Serena to end up like Greg and Marcia Brady, i.e. stepsibs? –Kimberly Potts

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