Brittany King
November 17, 2016 11:37 AM

In the words of Jack Hoffman, “No guts, no glory!”

Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman stopped by PEOPLE Now to tease “something big” coming up this season… and it’s big!

“It’s tough,” he begins to say of season seven. “You’re really going to see me struggle as a leader this year and struggle in my decisions.”

“Last year I dug up $3.3 million in gold,” he says. “This year you’re watching me struggle with not getting gold. And so now, your team starts to struggle and they start to break apart and there’s tension.”

Hoffman goes on to say that fans will soon see certain things that he and his crew aren’t really happy about.

“There’s somethings that happen… that we’re really not that proud of that are coming in the show and I’m hoping that it doesn’t look too bad,” he admits. “I’m hoping that people can grab something out of it, maybe a lesson or maybe they’re having a hard time at work and things aren’t going good.”

“It’s not always easy, I’m going to be honest with you,” Hoffman, 47, adds. “This year was the hardest season out of seven, but it’s not all bad. There’s something coming that changes things. That’s all I can say.”


Prior to the season, Hoffman’s crew member, Dave Turin, 52, also opened up about the struggles their team faced this season.

“The audience is going to see the pain and suffering from our crew that you’ve never seen before,” Turin told PEOPLE. “It’s going to be a roller coaster ride for the audience.”

Gold Rush airs Friday’s (9 p.m. ET) on Discovery.

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