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April 21, 2010 12:00 AM

Madonna‘s music transformed the hallways of McKinley High into a Material World in last night’s much-anticipated Glee.

While Sue Sylvester has made her share of outrageous demands, none was ever quite so much fun as her order that Madonna’s hits be blasted over the loudspeakers continuously throughout the day. As Sue says, “There’s nobody quite like the Material Girl to inspire,” and Mr. Schuester can’t help but agree. When he notices the girls are all feeling taken advantage of by the boys, he assigns the glee club to interpret Madonna hits.

A few of the glee clubbers -… and even one of their teachers … – consider Madonna’s message when they’re all faced with the same challenge: having sex for the first time.

Finn finally gives in to Santana’s advances thinking it will make Rachel jealous. But afterward he acknowledges sadly that he still feels like a virgin because it didn’t mean anything. Rachel, on the other hand, ultimately resists the pressure to have sex with Jesse. When she tells him she refuses to sleep with the enemy, he quits Vocal Adrenaline and transfers to McKinley High. Even Emma decides to take control of herself and her body and “do the nasty” with Will … but just like Rachel, she quickly recognizes she’s not ready.

The members of glee club aren’t the only ones who need a lesson from her Madgesty this week. When Sue reveals her hatred for Will’s hair is rooted in jealousy because she bleached her hair in napalm as a child and has since been forced to wear it short, Mercedes and Kurt offer to reinvent the Cheerios coach. The result of their efforts just might be the best four minutes of Glee yet: a shot-by-shot remake of Madonna’s “Vogue” music video starring Sue Sylvester. (Watch the full music video here!) The shoot inspires Sue to mix up her style. She even dons a version of Madonna’s iconic cone bra over her usual tracksuit combo. But with the help of Principal Figgins, Sue ultimately realizes that to express herself best, she doesn’t need to copy someone else. In exchange for their help … – or to shake up the glee club further — Sue offers Mercedes and Kurt a spot on the Cheerios. –Jessica Wedemeyer

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