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Gia Allemand's Most Memorable TV Moments

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Kevin Foley/ABC

Evident by the outpouring of heartbreaking Tweets from past and present members of The Bachelor franchise, season 14’s Gia Allemand, 29, was a beloved contestant.

Remembered for her long, brown locks, carefree personality and fit physique, the third finalist in Jake Pavelka’s season died of an apparent suicide on Wednesday after being hospitalized in critical condition on Monday night, following a “serious emergency medical event,” ABC said.

While Allemand’s death is a tragedy, her life can be remembered in notable TV clips during her time in the reality TV spotlight. Here are five of the New Yorker’s most memorable on-camera moments:

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Gia & Jake’s Romantic First Date

The fellow female contestants on Pavelka’s season, including eventual winner Vienna Girardi, joked that Allemand’s big city ways would never mesh with Pavelka’s outdoor date plans. But after bonding over their dorky high school days, the surprisingly well-suited pair shared a romantic kiss – one that Allemand called “the best kiss of my life.”

Gia Talks to Ellen about Heartbreak

Allemand told the talk show host that she was just about over Pavelka until she watched the episode that showed her being sent home.

“I was hysterical in my hotel room,” she said. “I was like, ‘Oh, my god, this really hurt.’ ”

Wes Hayden Serenades Gia

On season 1 of Bachelor Pad, Allemand told Hayden she wanted him to be the last guy standing in the competition, and he promised to do anything he could to keep her on it, too.

“If I were to be tempted in the house, Wes would be the guy that would do it,” Allemand, who was in a relationship at the time, admitted to cameras. “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would love to be serenaded and everything by Wes.”

Hayden then performed a country tune, “Love Don’t Come Easy,” for the lucky lady, and she became very emotional. “It just gets me,” she said.

Wes & Gia Share a Smooch

Allemand admitted on Bachelor Pad season 1’s reunion episode that she had feelings for Hayden and that she was no longer with her boyfriend. Hayden acknowledged he had feelings for her, too, telling show host Chris Harrison, “Who couldn’t like her?”

Following cheers from the audience asking Hayden to kiss her, he obliged, and the two shared a passionate lip-lock onstage.

Gia Walks Away from Bachelor Pad

After Graham Bunn backstabbed Allemand on Bachelor Pad‘s second season, Kasey Kahl approached her to let her know. Allemand confronted Bunn, who she assumed was her ally, and then announced she was leaving the competition voluntarily.

“I’m not going to plot and scheme with people, that’s not who I am,” she told the camera while making a tearful exit. “It’s killing me. It’s bringing me back to somewhere that I didn’t like It’s breaking me down.”