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September 24, 2008 12:00 AM

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out their moves (as well as those of their celeb partners), get to know the new dancers who have joined the Dancing with the Stars family. –Reagan Alexander

Corky BallasAge: 47 Partner: Cloris Leachman Claim to Fame: Besides being season six champ Mark Ballas’s father, Corky is the undefeated seven-time U.S. International Latin champion. Fake Tans vs. Sequins: “No one wants to see Casper the Friendly Ghost out on the dance floor. As for the sequins and the rhinestones, I love it. Our dance business is about fashion, it’s about style, hair and makeup. Without the sequins and the fake tan, how would we be different from anybody else?” On Competing Against His Son: “I’m really excited, because being in the dance business, we’re all used to competing against each other. Even though he’s my son, it’s just like another day at the office for us. We’ve become better friends now. He’s actually my little buddy now, rather than just my son. What He’ll Bring to the Ballroom: “I bring showmanship to the dance floor! I was very well known for jumping over my partner’s head. It’s my delivery that makes me different from the other dancers. We all have to sell what we can sell, so the way I deliver the dance is what sets me apart from the other dancers.” Dancing Philosophy: “If you asked me, ‘What is the secret to dancing?’ I would say, ‘Devotion to motion, equals emotion.’ I don’t expect you to know what that means, but if you can’t figure it out, then don’t dance.” Lacey SchwimmerAge: 20 Partner: Lance Bass Claim to Fame: 2007 So You Think You Can Dance finalist and seven-time U.S. Open Swing Dance champion. Fake Tans vs. Sequins: “I think a little fake tan can look good. The problem is when you start to look like you’re caked in orange. But as for the sequins? Who doesn’t love sequins!” On Partnering with Lance: “He’s a ladies’ man and he’s a man’s man. What’s not to love? Our practices usually end up with us on the floor laughing. We’re both just such strong personalities, and we just click.” On Facing the Judges: “I think that we’re going to be the most harshly judged couple. I’m coming from another dance show and Lance was in ‘N Sync. I think they’re going to be really tough on us. But for me, it’s not about winning, it’s about the experience.”

Inna BrayerAge: 21 Partner: Ted McGinley Claim to Fame: 2007 Current U.S. Amateur 10 champion and season seven’s seductress-in-waiting Her Take on Sequins: “What do you think? I love them, they’re a part of my life! I’m trying to get Ted to put sequins on his shoes!” On Being a DWTS Newbie: “Obviously, there’s a bit of nervousness and the feeling that because it’s your first time, you have to prove yourself–but I think part of the fun is being a first-timer. There’s no opportunity like a first opportunity, and the first impression is everything. I think we’ll surprise a few .” On Facing the Dancing Judges: “I’m ready. I know what they’re expecting, I know what that they want to see. I think they’re actually going to be very surprised. But then again, I’ve never had judges tell me what they think to my face. I’m even ready for Bruno.” Her Teaching Style: “I always try to be understanding because I don’t want to push someone in a direction that freaks them out. Also, I think that, although I’m very, very emotional, I’m also really shy, and that helps me to relate to my student.”

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