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Game of Thrones's Red Wedding & More TV Nuptials Gone Bad

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Ready yourself, Game of Thrones fans. It’s wedding season again in Westeros. Soon Margaery Tyrell will walk down the aisle to join GoT‘s top twerp, King Joffrey, in holy matrimony.

The HBO show’s last set of nuptials, better known as the Red Wedding, cut through the heart like a hot blade of Valyrian steel, leaving many wary about what will happen when Joffrey gets hitched. (No spoilers, book readers!)

Weddings are said to be joyous occasions, but TV doesn’t always follow the rules. In preparation for Game of Thrones‘ next “celebration,” here are the TV weddings that went horribly wrong.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Game of Thrones

Michelle Fairley, Richard Madden and Oona Chaplin in Game of Thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO
Who Walked Down the Aisle: Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey

What Went Wrong: The Red Wedding didn’t get its name from the color scheme. As soon as the guests cheered Edmure and Roslin onto their marriage bed, the matrimony turned into a massacre. In a vengeful plot against the Starks, Walder Frey and friends shut the party’s doors and slaughtered Robb, Catelyn, Talisa and Talisa s unborn child.


Who Walked Down the Aisle: Ross and Emily

What Went Wrong: Thankfully, everyone survived this ceremony, though the groom nearly died of embarrassment. When it came time to say his vows, Ross accidentally blabbed “I, Ross, take thee, Rachel,” instead of Emily. The Freudian slip didn t stop the wedding, but it led to one of the most uncomfortable kisses on the small screen and a rather short relationship.

Downton Abbey

Laura Carmichael in Downton Abbey
Joss Barratt/Carnival Film
Who Walked Down the Aisle: Lady Edith and Sir Anthony

What Went Wrong: Sir Anthony made it to the church, but didn t stay for long. Worried about being too old for Lady Edith to love, the groom decides not to go through with the nuptials and leaves Edith at the altar to contemplate the spinster life.


Who Walked Down the Aisle: Amanda and Prince Michael

What Went Wrong: A royal wedding that went royally wrong. In this now classic cliff-hanger, a group of terrorists crash the ceremony and immediately start shooting at all the main characters. Viewers had to wait until the following season to learn only two minor players died during the “Moldavian Massacre.”

Melrose Place

Who Walked Down the Aisle: Sydney and Craig

What Went Wrong: After five seasons of searching for love, Sydney finally gets her wedding, but no reception. While leaving the church, Sydney is hit by a car and seemingly dies, causing Craig to commit suicide. The 2009 reboot of Melrose Place reveals that Sydney faked her death and is alive and well.

30 Rock

Who Walked Down the Aisle: Jenna and Paul

What Went Wrong: After several thwarted attempts, Jenna finally gets her celebrity-style surprise wedding by interrupting a funeral. During Jack’s eulogy for his mother, Jenna and her disguised husband-to-be spring up from the pews to steal the show and tie the knot. How classy!

Arrested Development

Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat in Arrested Development
Sam Urdank/20th Century Fox Film/Everett
Who Walked Down the Aisle: George Michael and Maeby

What Went Wrong: Arrested Development went beyond kissing cousins when the show had these family members get hitched accidentally. Remember, when performing a mock wedding ceremony for senior citizens, it’s important to check that your phony minister isn’t ordained.

Beverly Hills, 90210

Who Walked Down the Aisle: Dylan and Antonia

What Went Wrong: In 90210, first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes the hitman. Just days after the lovebirds wed, Toni is accidentally murdered on a rainy night by an assassin hired to shoot Dylan.

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