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Find Out What David Blaine Did That Rendered Kanye West Speechless

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“That’s the craziest thing I’ve seen in my entire life, obviously,” declared Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul after watching one of the many stunts in David Blaine‘s bag of tricks. Just another day at the office for the magician, who took his act on the road last night for a 90-minute special on ABC.

Paul wasn’t the only stop on the magician’s road trip: Blaine also stopped by Kanye West‘s house to give West a big old case of the willies by seemingly sticking an ice pick into his hand and having the rapper pull it out.

Was is real or was it magic? That was the question throughout Blaine’s aptly named David Blaine: Real or Magic, and one that celebrities such as Katy Perry, former President George W. Bush, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Harrison Ford, Bryan Cranston, Ricky Gervais and even reclusive filmmaker Woody Allen couldn’t answer.

Throughout the show, Blaine assured the television audience that the people he approached on the street and the impressive array of celebrities were not in on the bits and that none of their animated reactions were scripted. That assertion seemed proven when Katy Perry, who started off skeptical about the stunt, but ended up completely flabbergasted, asked Blaine, “Do people ever cry sometimes because it’s so strange?”

Indiana Jones himself (a.k.a. Harrison Ford) was so startled by the stunt that he kindly asked the magician, “Get the f— out of my house, okay?” Even professional jaded person Ricky Gervais was not immune to Blaine’s magic, declaring, “It’s one of the best illusions I’ve ever seen, or you’re a maniac. Either way, well done.” Perhaps the most endearing moment came when a disinterested Woody Allen announced, “I just made this malted,” and offered the magician a taste.

Blaine has been busy wowing the public lately. On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Blaine delighted the late night host by setting on fire some clothing that Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman had returned to him. Blaine then helpfully extinguished the flames by spitting out water he had drank earlier in the segment.

Watch David Blaine on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Of course not everyone is keen on Blaine’s party tricks. Watch what happens when “David Blaine” approaches some skeptical and uninterested citizens in David Blaine Street Magic 2: The Sequel.