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EXCLUSIVE: Whitney & Jay Set for Major Drama on The City

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There’s trouble on the horizon! A new, exclusive teaser of The City reveals that most of the drama for Whitney and her new friends is still to come this season.

First, Jay‘s model roommate Adam and his girlfriend Allie (also a model, who’s about to be introduced as a new character) are having problems with their relationship when she finds out that he may have cheated on her.

And they’re not the only ones! The drama is spreading and it looks like Whitney and Jay are having trust issues — despite a trip to Miami, a New Year’s kiss and Whit’s offer to let her boyfriend move in.

Even sweet Erin is getting into it. After telling a cute shirtless man that she doesn’t have relationships, she’s back with “I love you” Duncan, telling him she’s not over an ex.

Meanwhile, People’s Revolution boss lady Kelly Cutrone is still playing outspoken mentor to Whitney and tells Allie that she’s too skinny at precisely the wrong moment.

Oddly, Whitney’s coworker Olivia seems like she may be the one without any trouble to call her own. She does get a crack in about “Shamu coming down the runway” when Whitney tells her about Kelly’s “demeaning” remarks to Allie.

Watch the clip.