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People Staff
August 27, 2009 12:00 AM

When Evan Rachel Wood makes her debut on True Blood Sunday night, don’t be surprised to see her hook up with any of the characters on the show. She’s playing 1,100-year-old Queen Sophie-Anne, who is decidedly open to trying new things. “She’s not necessarily a lesbian,” Wood tells “Her human partner is a girl, but I’m pretty sure she goes both ways. I think vampires are like that in general.”

Wood promises that Queen Sophie-Anne’s love life will be unpredictable. “I don’t know if I am having sex with anyone yet,” she says, “but I certainly have a steamy scene with someone that I don’t think you’d really expect.”

The best part about guest starring on True Blood: the sexy costars. “That’s another great thing about my job,” Wood says with a laugh, “I was surrounded by beautiful constantly.”

Despite the show’s trademark nude scenes, Wood hasn’t yet stripped down for the role, but she’ll never say never. “They are bringing me back next season, so it’s always a possibility,” she says. “It’s kind of inevitable.” –Steve Helling

Tell us: Who do you think Queen Sophie-Anne will seduce? Or will someone seduce Queen Sophie-Anne?

John P. Johnson/HBO

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