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What Were the Big, Burning Questions Emmy Viewers Googled Monday Night?

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Google was keeping a sharp eye on search results during the Emmy Awards Monday night, and it was able to provide PEOPLE with the data.

It’s a handy guide to figuring out what was most puzzling to viewers during the broadcast, and what they wanted to know more about as the night wore on. First up, the red carpet.

Most-Searched Dresses from the 2014 Emmys Red Carpet
1. Heidi Klum
2. Lena Dunham
3. Sarah Hyland
4. Sarah Silverman
5. Michelle Dockery

Mid-show, viewers were most concerned with Hayden Panettiere‘s baby and the scheduling of the awards.

Top-Searched Questions During the 2014 Emmys Mid-Show
1. Who is the father of Hayden Panettiere’s baby? (Answer: Wladimir Klitschko.)
2. Why are the Emmy Awards on a Monday? (Answer: The telecast was bumped from its usual Sunday-night slot in September to avoid conflict with NBC’s Sunday Night Football slate, and also to hopefully garner more attention according to executive producer Don Mischer. The Emmys were last held on a Monday in 1976.)
3. Who hosted the Emmy Awards in 2013? (Answer: Neil Patrick Harris.)
4. Who is Kevin Spacey dating? (Answer: He attended the Emmys with Ashleigh Banfield.)
5. Can I live stream the Emmy Awards? (Answer: Yes, for future reference, you can. To see highlights of last night’s show, check out NBC’s Emmys hub.)
6. Where are the Emmy Awards? (Answer: The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.)
7. How long are the Emmy Awards? (Answer: About 3 hours.)
8. Who is the best-dressed at the Emmy Awards? (Answer: Subjective, but Sofia Vergara’s up there.)
9. How old is Julia Roberts? (Answer: 46.)

As the show progressed, a few more names were added to the most-searched dress category, including: Julia Roberts, Sofia Vergara, Lizzy Caplan and Mayim Bialik.

As awards continued to get handed out, viewers were interested in a few speeches in particular (You can watch them here):

Most-Searched Speeches
1. Aaron Paul
2. Jim Parsons
3. Ty Burrell
4. Sarah Silverman
5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

And finally, the burning questions viewers had during the second half of the show:

1. Who is Jessica Lange dating? (Answer: Lange split from longtime partner Sam Shepard; she was seated next to American Horror Story: Coven co-star Danny Huston at the Emmys.)
2. Who votes for the Emmy Awards? (Here’s your answer.)
3. How tall is Matthew McConaughey? (Answer: McConaughey is 6’0″.)
4. What does it say on the bottom of an Emmy Award? (Answer: Legal stuff, basically.)
5. What does Emmy stand for? (Answer: It’s a feminized version of “Immy,” which refers to a camera tube used in old televisions called an image orthicon.)
6. What is Veep about? (Answer: The fictional Vice-President of the United States, Selina Meyer.)
7. Why did Josh Charles leave The Good Wife? (Answer: In his own words, he felt “burnt out” by the demands of making a network television show.)
8. Who sang “Smile” at the Emmy Awards? (Answer: Sara Bareilles.)

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