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Why Aaron Paul Deserves the Emmy for Breaking Bad ... Again (VIDEO)

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Mark Davis/Getty

WARNING: Video Contains Profanity

Aaron Paul is up for an Emmy for Breaking Bad. He’s already won two (in 2010 and ’12) and while he should probably earn another just for the nuanced pronunciation he brought to his character’s multiple recitations of the word “b—-,” his performance as Jesse Pinkman in the show’s fifth and final season hit an all-time high, as evidenced by the scene above.

While Pinkman started out as the show’s comic relief, he gradually morphed into its soulful moral center, and though he spent the end of the fifth season in literal captivity (as opposed to the bonds of addiction or Walter White’s machinations), the best moments for his character were when he started to break free and become his own person. It didn’t always work out for him, but it was thrilling to watch.

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