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Ellen Urges Ryan Seacrest to Fall in Love – Before It's Too Late

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Branimir Kvartuc/AP, Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Perhaps it’s because she recently tied the knot herself, but Ellen DeGeneres seemed to be in a romantic mood while interviewing Ryan Seacrest for Monday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The new bride, 50, presses Seacrest, 33, on why he can’t seem to find love, according to excerpts of the show. On a helpful note, she comes up with a suggested date – Eva Mendes – and even offers to set him up with the actress.

“I want to know what love is?” says Seacrest, who at the end of last year told PEOPLE his goal for 2008 was to make time for a personal life.

When he protests that he’s still too busy, Seacrest is warned by DeGeneres, “You’re going to wait too long and get in a rut being single. It’s going to be hard to open up and share your life with somebody, because you have your way of doing things. You have to let go and be with someone. You’re a great guy. You’re funny, you’re smart ”

“You’re calling me old,” interjects Seacrest.

“You’re getting old,” agrees DeGeneres. That’s when she takes out some photos to show him.

“They don’t know about this,” she says of the possible love interests she places before Seacrest, “but just as an idea of who would you choose out of these woman right here.”

Among the photos, besides Mendes’s, are those of Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Aniston.

Goes Right to Eva

“You have Eva,” points out Seacrest. “She’s gorgeous, and Jennifer is great, too.”

“You’re saying Eva Mendes, who you go to right away,” notes DeGeneres.

“Yeah, I kind of went there first,” says Seacrest. “I like Carrie, but then I kind of feel like she is part of Idol thing, so I don’t l know if that’s the right thing to do, to think about her in that way.”

Examining Spears’s photo, he says, “She looks like the sister (Jamie Lynn) there, because I was going to say she’s young and obviously there’s enough going on, and that’s not for me.”

As for Aniston, “I don’t know Jennifer,” says Seacrest.

Which brings DeGeneres back to Mendes. “I think she’s great,” concurs Seacrest. “What’s she like?”

“She’s great,” says DeGeneres. “Would you like me to set you up with her?”

He says, “Yeah.” She says, “Okay.”

To be continued?

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