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Ellen DeGeneres's Gift to Pamela Anderson? Pasties!

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Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The pasties are piling up for Pamela Anderson these days.

The dancer-in-training was presented with a pair from Ellen DeGeneres — “the second pair of pasties I got today,” Anderson said — during an interview scheduled to air Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I get a lot of nipple notes,” Anderson said.

DeGeneres said the gift was intended to prevent a “wardrobe malfunction” when Anderson dons the inevitable skimpy costume during her stint on Dancing With the Stars, which begins again March 22. (Anderson has been paired with professional partner Damian Whitewood.) DeGeneres also gave the pair their own footwear: Blue fuzzy slippers for Whitewood and sky-high, blinged-out stilettos with clear heels for Anderson.

The final touch in Anderson’s gift bag? A racy red negligee: “I could not believe I found what she’s going to be wearing,” DeGeneres joked.

Anderson was in a funny mood herself. When DeGeneres asked if she was still with her previous boyfriend electrician Jamie Padgett, Anderson replied: “Fuses blow.” She continued that “the only man in her life right now” is Whitewood. Not that she’d have time to start up a new romance during the show’s rigorous practice schedule, anyway.

“I’ve never danced in my life,” Anderson said. “I’ve never taken a lesson always wanted to and the timing was good. I rehearse when the kids are at school and I’m going to see what happens.” — Blane Bachelor

Tell us: Are you rooting for Pamela Anderson? Will you watch Dancing with the Stars this season? Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.