Inset:Katy Winn/Invision/AP
Andrea Billups
January 10, 2014 04:00 PM

As most fans know, Ellen DeGeneres is a generous gift giver and a huge believer in big gestures, often surprising guests on her show.

So you can bet wife Portia de Rossi is one lucky lady.

This year, DeGeneres’s significant other received a sweet holiday surprise – and it was all caught on a camera-phone video for a segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show called “Celebrity Christmas Stories.”

De Rossi, 40, has always had a car crush on a rare vehicle, a Land Rover Defender, the host explained on her show. But in the spirit of making holiday wishes come true, DeGeneres, 55, went on a hunt and found the vehicle in Texas, and she had it sent to California just in time for the holidays.

As the loving couple walk through a parking lot to do some shopping, de Rossi sees her dream ride parked in a space and pauses to admire it as DeGeneres whips out her phone. “It has a bow on it Oh, God, it’s insane,” marvels de Rossi of what she thinks is a serendipitous find – and someone else’s cool present.

When she turns around to see DeGeneres dangling the keys, de Rossi realizes the present is for her, and her face lights up in shock.

“What, are you kidding?” she asks DeGeneres, incredulous. “Are you serious?”

“So fantastic, I loved it!” DeGeneres, who recently won her 14th People’s Choice Award for favorite daytime TV host, later tells her studio audience after she shows the clip. “She was crying and then she ruined the upholstery!”

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