Aurelie Corinthios
May 04, 2017 09:49 AM

The prank master strikes again.

On Thursday’s episode of her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres resurrects her glorious prank war with Matt Lauer with her go-to stunt: the simple scare.

DeGeneres sits down with the veteran Today show co-anchor and the conversation flows easily: The two discuss how they both celebrated a 20th anniversary this year — Lauer for 20 years at the Today show and DeGeneres for 20 years since coming out on her sitcom, Ellen. Then the two get to chatting about another milestone coming up for both of them: turning 60.

The conversation then turns to President Donald Trump waging a war on the media before easing into idle chat about Lauer and his co-anchor Savannah Guthrie‘s differing music tastes — until one of DeGeneres’ staff members (dressed as Guthrie!) leaps out of the side table.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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“Oh, God!” yelps Lauer, jumping out of his chair and pacing back and force while DeGeneres cracks up.

“It’s so petty. It’s so childish!” he finally says. “You promised. Now I wet my suit. It’s the only suit I have. And I’m wearing your underwear in this suit.”

“That was one of my favorites,” says DeGeneres. “That was my favorite so far.”

“What is the deal with you?!” he demands.

“We must watch that again,” she insists. “That was one of the best.”

And DeGeneres isn’t the only one schooling Lauer — he also goes head-to-head with Ellen favorite Macey Hensley, an adorable 7-year-old with an encyclopedic knowledge of presidential history, in two rounds of presidential trivia. (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t win.)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs weekdays (check local listings).

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