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Ellen DeGeneres Makes It Clear Donald Trump Is Not Welcome on Her Show: ‘He’s Against Everything I Stand for’

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In an unusual flip of the script, Today Show host Matt Lauer got to interview fellow talk show host Ellen DeGeneres during a visit to her set. The conversation quickly turned to the topic of the moment: Donald Trump. And DeGeneres, who’s known hosts anyone from Internet-famous kids to all kinds of celebrities, made it clear that she has no interest in speaking with the president.

“What’s your relationship with Donald Trump, do you know him at all? Have you had a chance to interview him?” Lauer asked DeGeneres, 59, initially.

“I mean, I know him from Celebrity Apprentice because when we first started the show … we filmed something with him. I flew in his helicopter and did a bit with him,” she explained of her brief past connection to the president. “So I knew him then. I have not spoken to him since he he’s run for president or become president.”

Lauer, 59, then asked if she’d be interested in having him on the show. But after a thoughtful pause, DeGeneres’ answer was an unequivocal negative.

“Um, no,” she responded, to applause from the studio audience. “Because I’m not gonna change his mind. He’s against everything I stand for.” DeGeneres, who received the 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama, has been vocally critical of Trump, 70.