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Stephen M. Silverman
September 16, 2008 08:30 AM

New season, new studio, new bride and a brand new gig – as Ellen DeGeneres divulges on Tuesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“You know how I always like to share what’s going on in my life with you all, and I was going to give you some news and, unfortunately, rumors started circulating all over the Internet,” DeGeneres, 50, informs her audience about the something new in her life that will take effect in January – and is bound to have her glowing.

“I am here to set the record straight right now. I am not pregnant. It just turned out to be a bump. I went and had it checked out,” she wisecracks.

Then came the real announcement: “I am the new face of CoverGirl.”

Striking an exaggerated model-like pose, DeGeneres then explains, “That’s the first thing they teach you when you’re a CoverGirl.”

Secret Leaked

With her commercials for the makeup giant due to be shot soon and then debut after the first of the year, DeGeneres says, “We were going to let you know [in January], but somehow people found out about it.”

Revealing a photo of herself being made camera-ready, DeGeneres says, “They’re putting some lip liner on me … Man, they love lip liner. I got hours and hours”

Overall, DeGeneres admits, “I am very, very excited about it. It’s a very cool thing, I’m honored and the photo shoot was ‘easy, breezy, beautiful … CoverGirl.’ ”

DeGeneres being made up for CoverGirl commercial

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