Reagan Alexander
March 01, 2011 01:20 PM

Cheryl Burke knows what she wants – and it’s not just another mirror-ball trophy. The Dancing with the Stars champ recently told PEOPLE that she is ready to find love and now she’s sharing her crystal clear vision of the perfect partner.

“My ideal man is someone who is understanding and understands the business that I’m in,” she tells PEOPLE. “He has to be supportive, but he also has to challenge me. I want a good challenge.”

While some men may be too intimidated to apply for the position (especially following in the footsteps of her ex, model Maxwell Zagorski) there is hope for the average guy, as long as he prefers a book over the remote and has a decent sense of humor.

“I want a man that I can actually learn from and share my story with,” Burke said during Rolling Stone‘s Oscar party at Drai’s at the W Hotel in Los Angeles. “Most of all, I just want a normal dude – just a normal guy to laugh with and have fun with.”

Sounds easy enough, but the Dancing pro, who is gearing up for season 12, adds an important caveat.

“I said that I was ready – I never said that I was looking,” Burke says with a laugh. “There’s a big difference. I’m not out there looking. I’m not desperate.”

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