Patrick Gomez
February 04, 2011 11:50 AM

Don Evans, Biggest Loser‘s controversial contestant who gained an unprecedented (and "unintentional") 9 lbs. the week before, intentionally gained an additional six on this week’s episode. He was sent home in a “by a show of hands” vote at the weigh-in, another first for the show.

The admittedly “home sick” Evans attributes the initial 9-lb. weight gain to not watching his liquid intake while being treated for edema the week his original partner – his twin brother, Dan – was sent home.

“I realize there are things I could have done differently and I accept full responsibility for what happened [that week],” Evans told reporters Wednesday. “I have no one to blame but myself.”

But when it comes to the 6 lbs., there is one person Evans claims he could blame: his new teammate, Irene Alvarado.

“Irene had approached me the night before the weigh-in and confided in me that was she was intentionally going to drink water [to] cause us to fall below the yellow line,” he said. “She explained that she knew I would end up going home and that she and the rest of the contestants would be safe for another week.”

At that point, the Oklahoma City police captain, 54, says he accepted that his eviction was “going to happen whether I was involved in it or not.”

“This was a strategic move on her part. It is a game. I don’t want anyone to think that what she was doing had in any way given me any ill will or any malice,” he said. “The game was over. It was checkmate.”

Although “the game was over,” Evans went home prepared to work.

“Like most police officers, [I’m] used to being in control. Part of the problem was I got into an environment where I had absolutely no control whatsoever.”

Now at home and “in control,” Evans is watching “every drop of liquid” he drinks, works out regularly with his brother and has lost over five times the 14 lbs. he lost on the Ranch, bringing him to a current weight of 222 lbs.

“The information that I gained during my time on the Ranch [made it possible for me to] come home and change not only my life, but the lives of those around me,” he said. “I look back on it now and wonder why I didn’t do it before.”

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