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Did Whitney Betray Kelly Cutrone on The City?

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With the end of The Hills, it looks like Whitney Port is stepping up the drama on The City!

First, she and Roxy had a fight over a celebrity styling session. Then, Roxy moved out. And now, it looks like Whitney might be biting the hand that feeds her. In a clip from the season finale, which airs tonight (10:30 p.m. EST) on MTV, Whitney has to answer to mentor Kelly Cutrone after meeting with competing agency Alison Brod Public Relations.

“She is saying that you’ve left People’s Revolution and that you’re joining her firm. I’ve already talked to three like, ‘Did Whitney fire Kelly?’ ” Cutrone tells her. “I don’t know how this can go from me helping you to me getting fired.”

“The last thing that I want is to upset you or to hurt you or your company,” Whitney says in response.

After more back and forth, Kelly says, “I don’t need to defend my agency against a girl who wears pink. It’s a waste of my time.”

When Whitney apologizes, Kelly shuts her down: “Don’t play the guilt card,” she says. “It’s a time-consumer.”

Tell us: Did Whitney cross a line? Or is Kelly being too harsh?