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Desperate Housewives: The Games People Play

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As Edie said to Susan, “It’s your best party ever.” And she was right. Leave it to a “friendly” game of charades to bring out the best–and worst–in the neighbors of Wisteria Lane. With Lynette playing high on pot, Gabrielle flirting with Adam to get back at her ex-husband (now lover) Carlos and Susan angry with Bree over being referred to a “scuzzy gyno,” you knew something had to give. And give it did: in the form of a party-ending confrontation between Katherine and Gabi during which Gabi accidentally lets out Bree’s confidence about Katherine, her daughter Dylan and the slap. But Katherine one-ups Gabi, telling the housewives, “I want you to imagine the worst thing that a father can do to his daughter” before leaving the party. What a way to leave an impression. Turns out the master gameswoman Katherine was playing the housewives–and the rest of us–by dropping enough hints to let our own minds make sinister connections about her first husband.

While Sunday’s episode was chock-full of the suburban intrigues we’ve come to love about DH, there was also plenty of humor. The funniest scene of the night? It was a toss-up between Stella buying pot from Andrew, Lynette doing her charades ninja kick to Susan getting skeeved out at the OB clinic.

Tell us: What was your favorite moment from last night’s episode? And now that we’ve been played by Katherine, what do you think is the real secret she’s hiding?